Today, the virtual business model has a radically new relationship with employees. Instead of going to the office and seeing team members face-to-face, the only contact they have is via phone, email, andother technologies

On one hand, this can yield some major benefits, such as increased productivity and happier employees. On the other hand, it can slow workflows down if you haven’t organized and mapped out the process.

As such, it’s key that yourremote team现在包括工作环境作为一部分您的商业计划。这是对的 - 如果您可以在纸上指定此过程,您会发现创建无缝工作流程如此简单。


First, do you need a business plan?

业务计划是一个有用的文件,可帮助您和任何potential investorsbetter understand your business. You might think you already know your plan inside out, but by writing it down you and your team will gain insights that would otherwise have been inaccessible. You may even discover new ideas and approaches.

With a business plan, you will be able to use it as a tool tooutline the next steps你想采取和行动物品到达那里。

A business plan also increases your chances of securing capital from investors. No business plan = no outside investment.

Lastly, entrepreneurs who write formal plans are16%more likely to achieve growth than otherwise identical entrepreneurs who do not plan. Business plans are an integral part ofbetway官网开始生意

Why do you need to include remote work in your plan?

毫无疑问 - 遥控工作是way forwardfor many startups. A virtual workforce is no longer something to consider for the future. Instead, it’s an operational strategy that many businesses are implementing right now.


  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Location
  • Productivity
  • Morale
  • Hiring
  • 工具



Anyone who’s written a business plan from start to finish will tell you how detailed it can be. Adding remote working into the mix can feel like you’re just creating extra hard work for yourself.

In this section, we’re going to break everything down for you so that you know exactly how to include it.

1. Make sure the objective is clear

Before you get into the real nitty-gritty details, you first need to make sure your overriding objective is clear. Why is your business hiring a remote workforce?

These are the questions you need to answer about your remote work plan

Early on, you’ll need to define:

  • Who you are, including your company leadership and core offer.
  • The type of remote workforce you will hire, be it freelancers, contractors, or employees.
  • Where they will work — Will your workers work at homes (at their own expense) or will you furnish workspaces such as offices or co-working memberships?
  • Whether or not your business will be online only — Perhaps only a portion of your staff will work outside the office?

Setting clear objectives从一开始就可以帮助您以比现在更了解的方式更加了解您的启动。您不需要详细介绍,但绘制您的愿景,以便您(和投资者)了解虚拟劳动力如何使贵公司成为成功。请记住,您可能会沿途进行调整。

2. Outline remote working guidelines and policies

Outlining remote working guidelines and policies allows you to make it clear to your remote team what it is you expect from them. This should include所有虚拟工作的各个方面,如工作时间,通信期望,cybersecurity requirements, and — of course — legal rights.

Your guidelines and policies could prove to be the most challenging aspect of the remote section of your business plan because you will need to figure everything out, from tools to communication expectations. But, don’t be overwhelmed, we’ll be covering what needs to go into your remote working guidelines and policies throughout the rest of this article.

3. Cover location and facilities

When your team is working remotely, they must have access to everything they need. This includes computer equipment, IT support, telephone access, tools, security, and other ergonomic equipment like comfortable chairs and desks.

You also need to make it clear whether or not the company will be responsible if something goes wrong with a remote worker’s equipment, or whether they will have to pay for repairs and technical support themselves.

Wherever the remote worker chooses to work, make it clear that they must take care to look after their equipment and devices (to protect from, among other things, theft), and that WiFi is easy to access and reliable.


Communication is fundamental for all remote businesses. Creating a communication plan in your business plan can help you make the switch to a remote workforce as seamlessly as possible. Among other things, it will prevent delays and ensure maximum efficiency.

清除您和您的团队将使用的工具将使用哪些工具(在文章稍后在此内容),并定义您的通信计划是什么。换句话说,您如何打算联系团队成员?例如,您可以使用SkypeorZoomwhen a point needs clarifying, or whenever you want to have a team meeting, but you can use instant messaging for less formal conversations.

最后,你需要找到方法创建一个culture of online communication with solid rules of engagement in place so that staying connected is done with efficiency in mind. You might also need to address the issue of time zones — if people are working in different time zones, is there a way to change their working hours so that there aren’t lengthy delays between team members sending and receiving replies?


  • 首选的沟通方法
  • Rules for communication
  • Time zones

Now, how to choose the right remote workers

To instill confidence in potential investors, you’ll want to demonstrate via your business plan that you’rehiring the right remote workers

It’s key that you address where you’ll be looking for your hires. You can find remote workers on job boards, as well as global freelancing hubs, such asweworkremotelyandFlexjobs。But it’s also important that you address how you’ll be creating job posts that attract the best workers. For example, you could drive home the work/life balance benefits that come with working for your company, whilst making it clear how they’ll be paid.

You should also write down how you’ll conduct an initial screening process. A good idea might be to ask a select list of potential candidates to complete a specific task. Once this part of the screening process is done and you’ve narrowed down your candidates further, consider testing them with a full day’s work to see how they perform. The results should give you a clear idea regarding who your outstanding candidate is.


A remote team won’t be successful if your employees are socially distant from each other and feel isolated. This sort of thing lowers morale and creates a sense of disconnect from your company, and it will make investors nervous.


Whatever you do, you should aim to find creative ways to interact that boost your company culture and morale.

Which tools should you utilize?

使用基本工具将确保您的团队保持在任务之上。工具在那里制作远程团队管理so much easier by improving communication, project management, idea sharing, and productivity.

When you write a business plan, make a note of any software you intend to use and how you will conduct the onboarding process.


For your business itself, you must work with abusiness planning solutionthat allows you to craft a perfect business plan. The best business planning solution tools will give your entire business a framework that you can feel confident in and also help you present the plan to relevant stakeholders.

Project management

Managing projects can be tricky when everyone is working remotely. But with the right项目管理软件in place, your whole team can engage with each other and the project in one centralized hub. The best tools allow for easy collaboration, planning, task scheduling, organization, reporting, budgeting, and they give a clear overview of the project so that everyone knows what’s been completed and what they need to do next.

Cloud storage

Using云储存gives the whole business and any potential investors confidence that important files and documents won’t go missing. Cloud storage protects work from being lost, it creates a backup for一切and it can also encourage more cooperation between your team members.

Communication tools

Communication toolsfundamentally help your remote team stay connected. However, there are different types of communication tools you can use, and it’s important to specify which ones your team will be using for what types of communication.

For example, an all-in-one tool like松弛is loaded with integrations and features that make it ideal for whenever your team needs to trade ideas and check-in on tasks. On the flip side, a customized松弛alternativeis better for whenever your team needs to fire off instant messages to each other.

Virtual private networks (VPN)





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