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Get a Business Credit Card to Build Your Startup’s Credit

Building business credit creates more financial opportunities for your business. Banks, lenders, and other suppliers all rely on business credit reports to assess the creditworthiness of your company. Here's why having a business credit card matters.

How to Fund Your Startup Without Losing Control

How to Fund Your Startup Without Losing Control

私募股权可以是您所需的现金,您需要让您的初创物脱离地面 - 但您遇到了对您的业务控制的风险。以下是如何防止这种情况发生。


As a startup founder, your financial situation and getting your ideas funded are likely at the forefront of your mind much of the time. In fact, raising capital can be one of the most difficult tasks that any entrepreneur has to accomplish—it takes time, intelligence, creativity, and yes, a little bit of luck. However, there...

How to Get Funding from Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban, and Other Stories

Let’s be honest, when it comes to funding, it’s never as straightforward as business advisors, lenders, backers, and investors might have you think. And, if you’re a small business, it’s unlikely you can afford to pay someone to do all the legal research and nit-picky stuff that the big boys can. You have to get...

How to Secure Funding for Your Startup (with INFOGRAPHIC)



I had the opportunity recently to ask Sam Jain, the CEO of Fareportal, about his experience as growing his business from an idea to a multibillion-dollar organization.

God Bless the Startup That’s Got Its Own

Every time I hear the old blues song “God Bless the Child” I think of startups, bootstrapping, and owning your own thing. During the last few weeks I’ve had to explain to several people hoping for angel investment that their startup wasn’t getting into the finals for our local angel investment group, the Willamette Angel...

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