过去20多年,作为天使投资者,前风险资本家和私募股权投资者,以及串行企业家,我已经看到和写过,各种各样的桨甲板business plans。此外,我最近推出了一个剧情的播客一个CHiEVE: Mining the Non-Linear Path,企业家在那里分享他们的个人旅程。除了讨论面对逆境和克服障碍之外,其中许多人与我分享了他们的业务计划。

Based on these thousands of business plans and pitch decks, I will share anecdotes over my career of what stood out for me in the more notable ones I have seen. These have been the best practices I have adopted in doing the same when I am写一个商业计划



Oftentimes, my take away will be probability-grounded — some deals will be high probability and others less so. Hence the task of the author is to get me to that meeting decision quickly and efficiently.



Can you tell me what your business does in the first sentence? Given the thousands of business plans, I have reviewed in my career, and continue to receive, there has to be a triage. Otherwise, I would never have enough time to find the ones I truly wish to pursue.

一个关键的门控点是可以解释业务在第一句话。This is where your elevator pitch needs to be embedded. If I have to spend time digging for what the company does, I begin to worry about what else may not be presented succinctly and in what other parts of the business the company lacks efficiency.

Give it to your audience right upfront.

Use a tone that is very straightforward and relies on simple eighth grade English. I am not interested in processing a compound sentence or tracking multiple clauses in my mind. The sooner you let me know what you are doing, the sooner I can devote my cognitive energy to deciding whether I like your concept or not.

3. Provide analysis not just data

我看到许多公司进行数据转储或提供列表,特别是在讨论竞争时。仅仅拥有竞争对手的列表和他们的网站的描述并不是很有趣,它并不向我表示您understand the competitive landscapeof forces at play in order for you to be successful.


4. Segment your potential market

我的一只宠儿偷猎者看到了一个令人讨厌的大数百亿美元或数万亿美元的大小市场,所确定的一家公司,没有进一步分解。betway官网这在我正在考虑的投资地平线方面非常毫无意义。你必须修剪那个下来并展示你可以的市场部分现实地希望征用within five years.

Some of the best plans I have seen define the size of the market by amalgamating the revenues (reported or estimated) of their competitors. There usually is some other运营指标more readily available out there where you can back into a sales range (square footage of their building, number of employees, sales figures from a key customer, import trade data, etc.).

Share a sentence or two of your go-to-market strategy. If you have some intel on sales cycles, it is important to share that within this section and be sure your financial section incorporates that as well.


5. Don’t just show your financials explain your process

This may sound odd, but I’m not interested in what the actual numbers say. I want to know first that you went through the mental exercise. Don’t bog me down in assumptions, streamline them so that I can quickly see your thinking process, but not get lost in detailed minutiae.

I want to know howyou built your projections up。Knowing how you determined revenue and costs over a 5-year projection period let me know if you really understand your business or not. Some revenue questions you’ll want to be able to answer include:

  • What were the components of your revenue?
  • 您是否在经济杠杆方面打破了它,可以帮助您推动您的业务?它只是价格和卷吗?
  • How are you growing your revenue – are you taking market share or is the industry growing overall?
  • 一个re you able to articulate what percentage of growth comes from each?
  • How should the pricing trend?




Often in this section people will write a laundry list of education credentials, work experience, and any professional recognition. These are all things I can find on a LinkedIn profile. Instead, give me something personal so I can see what you are passionate about. That will really provide dimensionality to your team.

Examples of this include the anecdote that first ignited interest in this industry, the a-ha moment that something was missing and you identified the opportunity to do it better or fill the void and add value, or that pivotal moment when you decided, yes, I will start this business.


原因是,我知道将会有一个time when you are so exhausted that you are desperate not to go on that five in the morning flight, and only because of what speaks to your core will you push yourself. If it’s money, you may say to heck with it and find an alternative means to accomplish that. As an entrepreneur with some business success already, there would likely be several means by which you could do that.



There are a myriad of approaches that business plan writers take with this. This figure can also be a notoriously moving target. It’s important to show the categories of spend broken down by the major areas of output. A good rule of thumb is that if it’s more than 10% of the total, create a separate line item for it.

In addition to that, what I like to see is:

  • 你举行了你的资本筹集了吗?
  • Did you put reasonable milestones to achieve at each turn?
  • 是你拥有的业务类型的合理性吗?
  • Have you allowed yourself enough time between each raise so that you aren’t constantly fundraising?

I like to see that you can actually spend a few quarters exclusively building your business and establishing the critical infrastructure needed to ensure it is ready for the next phase of growth. Some of the best plans I have seen will indicate the number ofmonths of runwaythey will get with a specific dollar amount raised and will estimate the quantity and the timing of future raises.


一个Board of Advisors是一个很好的方法,可以在彻底雇用人们的一小部分中获得一些深入的专业知识。每次启动都应该杠杆的重要战略决定。通常时间顾问将换取股权或股权加上较小的名义费。

I myself am an Advisor to a number of companies. What I want to see vis-a-vis a Board is if you picked people who can strategically be of benefit and who can get you access that you can’t get. Not necessarily that they can do it more easily. Hence, someone in an industry you operated in but with a slightly higher title is less appealing.

But, having experts in other industries or industries you are targeting for sales can also be highly beneficial. Also, don’t stack it with readily agreeable people; I’d rather not see your lawyer, accountant, or college friend unless there is a sound strategic benefit. Those people will make introductions for you without you sacrificing compensation that should be reserved for those whom you don’t know well.



The two most important things are visual unity throughout the work that matches a tonal unity to the language. If there have been multiple members of the management team involved in editing, one member should do the ultimate pass through so that tone is preserved.

Your plan is only as good as your idea

Ultimately, the overarching quality of a business plan will be the strength of the business idea. But in order to help a strong concept stand out amongst the numerous ones out there, it is desirable to incorporate the above guidance. I look forward to reading your (revised) business plan!


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